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  1. Nevah
    Nevah Lostboy
    Hey, I switched my clan app from lunaria to yours. Time zone works better for me lol
  2. AtkSpdCrit
    Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. WHERE THE #$&^ ARE YOU SNOWEE??!!
  3. kieferdy
  4. Salty Lime
    Salty Lime
    Debating if I should start a new account, my current account is kind of lost (Too many mistakes, heh).
  5. hayahay2143
    hayahay2143 Squiry
    sir, can i join lunaria ? im just a F2P that makes me hard to join clans. thanks sir.

    IGN: ndjjd
  6. onlyhoon
    Recruiting for clan! PM Me for details!
  7. AtkSpdCrit
    Working on max leveling mons.
  8. GerIta
    finally training wood Valkyrie
  9. AtkSpdCrit
    What doesn't kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanism & a really dark sense of humor.
  10. Lostboy
    Make sure to post in clan area if you are joining the clan! :)
  11. Jicelle
    Giving up on fusion. I am BROKE!
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  12. Rose
    I'm a fellow MSL player hoping to become more experienced in the game
  13. Salty Lime
    Salty Lime
    Screwing up my account left and right, but don't mind my pure noobness. Feel free to talk to me.
  14. Giels
    Giels Squiry
    excuse me sir or madam, mind if I ask for help? I have an issue with my game.. I can't open the game it's always stuck at "tap to start" and when I pressed it.. it doesn't load and doesn't even show the usual notifications about the event or offer.. please help me as soon as possible, thank you very much
  15. cyberyuki
  16. Kuroquis
  17. Fuzz9
  18. Galdeira
    omg i am going to die
  19. SiapaYah
    ah, maybe my luck isnt on rpg games... :(
  20. Lostboy
    Let's get ready for guilds