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Game [ 12/28 Maintenance Notice ] Greetings from Four Thirty Three! Monster Super League...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Monster Super League, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. [ 12/28 Maintenance Notice ]

    Greetings from Four Thirty Three!

    Monster Super League will be undergoing maintenance on 12/28 21:00 (UTC +0).
    Please read below for more info.

    ■ Maintenance Schedule
    - 12/28 (Wed) 21:00 ~ 22:10 (UTC+0)
    * Depending on the situation and condition, the maintenance period may extend
    * Gameplay will be unavailable during the maintenance period.

    ■ Maintenance Details

    ◇ EVENT: 5★ Astromons Summon Chance UP
    - Event Period:
    ※ 12/28 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 1/4 (Wed) Before Maintenance
    - Event Details:
    ※ Summon chance is increased for Summoning at Special Shop using Astrogems [ 10+1 Summon & 1 Summon ]
    ※ Chances UP : [ Fire/Water/Wood Elements ] of [ Valkyrie/Arthur/Persephone/Odin/Shiva/Nightmare ]
    ※ The Chances are UP only for summoning at Special Shop

    ◇ CLOSED: Capture Snowee Event and Seasonal Fusion Event
    - Snowee will not appear anymore in all area of Story Mode stages.
    - Snowee will not appear anymore by Summon at Special Shop, hatching [High] Secret Egg, [High] Ocean Egg, [Mid] Secret Egg, [Low] Secret Egg.
    - Seasonal Limited Recipe for Yukina/Leonor/Hanahime Fusion has ended.

    - XIGNCODE3 (E0191019) Error Notice appearing on some devices when opening the game, has been fixed.

    We thank you for understanding and will notify you when the maintenance is over.

    Thank you.
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