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Another advice thread - Who should be 6* and why?

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Santo, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Santo

    Santo Clan member Lunaria

    Dec 14, 2016
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    Hey fellow gamers,

    Once more i am divided to decide wich mon to get to 6*. So i am in sure need of your advice. Below is my Moons list and Evo stats.. If it was you, who should you Ascend to 6* and why? (i have enough resources to go 4* to 6* if needed)

    6* mons:

    Fire Arthur Evo2
    Water Persephone Evo2
    Dark Miho Evo3

    5* mons:
    Fire Seastar Evo3 (Kraken)
    Fire Leo Evo2 (Leon)
    Fire Shiva Evo1
    Water Banshee Evo2 (Raven)
    Water Shiva Evo1
    Wood Miho Evo3 (Horan)
    Wood Cupid Evo2 (Amor)
    Light Miho Evo3 (Horan)
    Water Seiren Evo3 (Nereid)
    Wood Mona Evo3 (Monarch)
    Fire Boltwing Evo2 (Flashwing)
    Fire Cupid Evo2 (Amor)
    Water Victoria Evo3 (Nike)
    Water Yuki Evo3 (Yukina)
    Wood Leo Evo2 (Leon)
    Light Sura Evo2 (Asura)
    Dark Persephone Evo1
    Fire Wildfang Evo2 (Fenris)
    Light Victoria Evo2 (Vicky)

    4* mons
    Fire Succubus Evo3 (Lilith)
    Fire Candling Evo3 (Lantra)
    Fire Hunter Evo3 (Van Helsing)
    Fire Miho Evo3 (Horan)
    Fire Seiren Evo3 (Nereid)
    Water Hana Evo3 (Hanahime)
    Water Snowee Evo3 (Jill Frost)
    Water Latt Evo3 (Theria)
    Water Cura Evo2 (Elpis)
    Wood Hunter Evo3 (Van Helsing)
    Wood Hana Evo2 (Hanami)
    Wood Jeanne Evo2 (Jeannette)
    Wood Cura Evo2 (Elpis)
    Water Mona Evo3 (Monarch)
    Fire Mona Evo3 (Monarch)
    Water Shellie Evo3 (Shellion)
    Water Minicat Evo3 (Meowings)
    Dark Wolf Evo3 (Canin)
    Fire Sura Evo2 (Asura)
    Fire Yuki Evo2 (Yukiko)
    Water Succubus Evo1
    Wood Vampire Evo2
    Wood Anu Evo1
    Fire Vampire Evo2
    Wood Victoria Evo1
    Wood Tigar Evo2 (Tigaron)
    Fire Loki Evo1
    Wood Loki Evo1
    Fire Banshee Evo2 (Raven)
    Water Vampire Evo1
    Wood Seedler Evo3 (Blossom)
    Wood Yuki Evo1
    Wood Sura Evo1

    I know there alot of mons to consider, and thats why i need advice on a building strategy. So far i have been squanderig resourses left and right and now i want to concentrate and get the best from my investment. Lets say that so far i have not been paying to much attention to what i have been doing but now i want to focus and i am a bit lost...

    All help and comments are welcomed!!!!



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