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Game [ Developer’s Note (5) ] Good day, This is Sungguk Yoon, the Director of Monster Super...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Monster Super League, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. [ Developer’s Note (5) ]

    Good day,
    This is Sungguk Yoon, the Director of Monster Super League.

    What are your plans to celebrate the End of Year?

    We can fall into temptation when we are preparing for the update,
    Such as when we thought problems will be solved by fixing the issue, instead of looking to the cause of that issue,
    Or when we thought it will be okay to announce a content which is yet to be tested whether it’s stable or not.
    And we think this is why another issues or problems keep occurring.

    So, we currently keep on developing and try to improve the Clan system.
    Also, we keep on asking to ourselves to solve these questions:
    - Clans are fun, but why does it feels like there’s a barrier which keeps us from it?
    - How the loyalty and friendship between Clan members is built?
    - How should we set the honor and competition system in Clan system?
    - How can we make the Clan war system more fun and different?
    Perhaps it’s because this Clan system is quite different than other clan systems,
    That is why we keep on questioning and improving it.
    Due to the system is still on developing and testing progress, it would be difficult to show you the screenshot of it.
    However, we can share you the concept illustration ^_^

    (TIPS: as we have said in the last note, please make sure to raise as much as Astromons you can)

    2016 was a year when Monster Super League was born and could be said that it became a successful RPG game,
    And 2017 will be a year where we will take a jump to a new level.

    We will update the Clan system in January, and we have also prepared update schedules until Summer(Aug~Sep). We will take step by step update based on this schedule 
    Also, we will keep doing our best to not lose our mindset when we started MSL for the first time.

    Even though this year we had many flaws,
    It’s all thanks to all of you that Monster Super League can come this far.
    And words are not enough to express our gratitude to you.
    Once again, thank you very much!

    We hope to see you in 2017 at our beloved Monster Super League!
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