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Team suggestions

Discussion in 'Gameplay Questions' started by Wolfking, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Wolfking

    Wolfking New Member

    Oct 10, 2016
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    Who should i focus and level up for a pve team and a pvp team based on the mons i have here? Screenshot_20161011-094522.png Screenshot_20161011-094532.png
  2. JackOLantern

    JackOLantern Member

    Oct 9, 2016
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    Well from what I know...

    -Fire Cupid has an atk buff at 5* which can be useful in both pvp and pve

    -water mona builds up her sp fast due to her passive. After the upcoming patch, she won't rely on crits to raise the sp gauge anymore either. I see her a lot in pvp due to her farmability as well.

    -water seastar is a decent sapper for golems who can apply 2 stacks of sap, but she is squishy so build her to be tanky

    -wood miho is good and farmable for pvp and pve due to her stun and def down

    -wood cocomaru is also a popular pvp choice due to having stun on normal atks and being farmable.

    -wood mona is a good tank with very high self-sustain, although she does little damage. I like to use her for pve.

    A few other notes...

    -you will get water seiren for free from missions and she is farmable from Aria Lake. She's a good healer for pve.

    -You will get a scripted fire Anu from the Magma area. After the upcoming patch, he'll be getting a 60% stun on normal atks which is useful in pvp. He's not as easily farmable unfortunately.

    -Try to rebirth for dark sea star if you can. She's a defense aggressor so she hits pretty hard and is tanky

    Just my thoughts. Should wait for other opinions.
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